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    From a simple flat-file database to a full blown mainframe data system, we can integrate existing data into your site. Providing real-time access and fast,efficient searches to you and your customers means that your complete inventory and order tracking system can easily become a key part of your site, providing you and your customers with quick, secure access to the information you need to do business effectively. We can help you put your inventory online, and help you handle managing that inventory. We can design systems to allow your site to update as your data changes, securely and in real time. We can also help create new databases to house and distribute data as your needs change. Whatever your needs, we can provide an integration solution.

    We specialize in e-commerce and data distribution. Small order forms to large, multi-product shopping carts can be easily implemented within your site allowing secure online purchasing and data downloading to be handled quickly and efficiently. Even if retail sales aren't a part of your business, we can build an e-business solution to distribute product information, business forms, data files... whatever information you need to provide to your distributors, suppliers, sales force or anyone within your organization. Using the Internet to conduct business means much more to us than simply selling widgets. It is truly an essential means of communication and distribution within a company or between companies in today's marketplace.

    We believe one of the most important pieces in the Internet puzzle is accurately and effectively structuring a site layout. This means taking the time to not only ensure that a site is visually appealing, but is easy to navigate and maintain. Sure we can provide excellent graphic design and superb "look and feel", but we believe it is essential to establish a clear blueprint of how the information in a company's site should flow. Customers and associates must be able to find the information they're looking for, and once they've found that information, that it is relevant and up to date. From product specs and pricing to accurate versions of business forms and legal documents, information is only as valuable as the system in which its distributed and maintained. We can help you map out a rock-solid site that not only looks great, it performs great.

    One of the most valuable aspects of a database driven site is the information that customers provide you by accessing that data. Demographics, sales and purchasing history, client information, product preference and browsing history can all provide valuable marketing and sales information. Imagine being able to track a specific product and determine how many times information about that product is being requested. Or not only tracking a specific customer's purchase history, but also how many times they looked at a product before they bought it. There are endless ways that the data gathered by a database driven site can be pulled from to provide your company with daily, even hourly reporting of any form of information you might want. If there's something about how people are using your site you need to know, we can provide the means to get it done.

    A key feature of many of the systems we build is the ability for you to easily access all aspects of your site. This is done by integrating an entire back-office system into your site that can be reached through any Internet browser on any platform. By allowing you to add, delete or modify the content of your site, you become the controlling force behind your site. We can design a back-office system to be as simple or as complex as you need. We can also ensure the security of that back-office through the use of secure server systems and password protection. The possibilities really are endless. We'll work with you to provide you with the control you need, and ensure that it is both effective and reliable.

    We can design your site to be easily maintained and updated by you or your staff. Need to add products to your site? Change the pricing or colors of existing products? No problem. One of the greatest strengths we can give you is the ability to control your site yourself. Sure, there might be times when you'll need some help. We are more than happy to provide you with one-time support if needed, or even provide you with a full service maintenance agreement where we manage the data for you. But, if you decide that you know your daily business needs better than anybody, we can design a site that you can easily update and maintain when you need it.